Animal Health

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NOAH Compendium for data sheets

Animal Medicine Legal Categories

We offer a large range of animal health products to help farmers keep their livestock healthy and in best condition, so as to ensure that they can raise their stock efficiently and profitably but with the highest welfare standards. The following list gives you an idea of some of the products we stock but this is by no means an exhaustive list so if you have a query please contact us.

  • Wormers and vaccines
  • Trace element drenches
  • Fly control products, together with lice, flea and mange control
  • Scour powders and energy drenches
  • Footcare - footbath solutions, sprays, cow clogs
  • DEFRA approved disinfectants and Bedding/Cubicle disinfectants
  • Lambing essentials - castration products, colostrums and twin lamb drenches etc
  • Marking products
  • AI gloves and gels
HandM Animal Health

Please discuss your animal health needs with our fully AMTRA trained, SQP staff before administering any products.