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To stimulate active immunity against Blackleg (Clostridium chauvoei infection) in cattle and sheep. Immunity is expected two weeks after the second dose of vaccine in the primary course.
Blackleg Vaccine contains formalin killed cells and purified formol toxoid of strains of Clostridium chauvoei in buffered physiological saline, adsorbed onto aluminium hydroxide. For uses, dosage, contra-indications and warnings, see datasheet. Further information is available on request.
Legal Category: POM-VPS

Packaging Quantities
Carton containing a 50 ml polyethylene multidose bottle, closed with a combination seal
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Blackleg Vaccine
Vaccine for sheep and cattle
Presentation: 50 ml flexible pack
Ingredient: Prepared from formalized whole culture of strains of Cl. Chauvoei, precipitated with potash alum. Thiomersal 0.015% w/v is added as preservative.
Description: Immunistation of sheep and cattle against Cl. Chauvoei infection (Blackleg)
Dosage form: Injection
Legal Category: POM-VPS

Brovaxin 10
Bravoxin 10 is a liquid vaccine for injection containing inactivated clostridial antigens with an aluminium potassium sulphate (alum) adjuvant.It is a light brown aqueous suspension that settles on storage, which resuspends on shaking. Bravoxin 10 is for the active immunisation of sheep and cattle against diseases caused by Clostridiumperfringens type A; C. perfringens type B; C. perfringens type C; C. perfringens type D; C. chauvoei; C. novyi type B; C. septicum; C. sordellii; C. haemolyticum and against tetanus caused by C. tetani. For the passive immunisation of lambs and calves against infection caused by the above mentioned clostridial species (except C. haemolyticum in sheep). Bravoxin 10 is available in 100ml packs.

Leptavoid-H is the market leading vaccine licensed to protect dairy and beef herds against both strains of leptospirosis found in the UK. Leptavoid-H is tried and proven and has been the first line choice for many years.
Leptavoid-H is for the vaccination of cattle against Leptospira interrogans serovar hardjo (hardjo Prajitno) and L. borgpetersenii serovar hardjo (hardjo Bovis). Leptospirosis is caused by infection with bacteria from the species Leptospira. It is spread through contact with urine, uterine fluids, or contaminated water or feed and can also be transmitted by infected bulls. Leptospirosis can be passed to humans and infected herds pose a risk to all farm workers. The disease causes milk drop, abortion and loss of appetite.
Further information is available here.
Legal Category

Packaging Quantities
Available in two convenient pack sizes - 10 & 25 doses

Rotavec Corona MSD
mulsion for Injection
In a recent survey, over 70% of farmers representing over 1,100 rearing units and 160,00 cows reported that they have calves dying from scour in the last 12 months.1

Rotavec Corona is for the active immunisation of pregnant cows and heifers to raise antibodies. Rotavec Corona is effective against scours caused by rotavirus, coronavirus and E.coli K99. Its single shot, low dose (2ml) formula and broad window of vaccination (from 12 to 3 weeks pre-calving) makes it exceptionally well suited to group administration. Calves gain protection from drinking the fortified colostrum from their mothers.

Legal category

Packaging Quantities
Carton with one bottle containing 10 ml (5 doses) or one bottle containing 40 ml (20 doses)
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