Seed and Varieties Information Book 2016-2017

"There are several new varieties added to the AHDB Recommended Lists this year ... each displaying a significant advance in disease resistance.

The new Hyvido barley Sunningdale from Syngenta is a candidate for this autumns 2017/2018 list, it has high yield potential with better agronomic characteristics than some of its contemporaries. The Hyvido varieties will be supported by the two row variety Surge, also from Syngenta, this will follow in the footsteps of the popular KWS Glacier.

Three new wheats offer improved quality and yield coupled with an advance in foliar disease protection.  RGT Illustrius (Group 1): excellent breadmaking and quality, KWS Siskin (Group 2): excellent yield and potential for a premium and Graham (Group 4): good foliar disease resistance, early maturing, suitable for early drilling. Both KWS Siskin and Graham have a disease rating of 7 for Septoria tritici.

These varieties should all be valuable considerations for the autumn as growers contend with difficult markets that look very likely to remain under pressure. The challenges we face will be given a boost with the correct portfolio of options."

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